Rodgers realises the responsibility of being Liverpool manager

Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool, ManagerBrendan Rodgers has stated that the recent revelations over the Hillsborough disaster have made him realise the responsibility of being Liverpool manager.

The Northern Irish coach joined the Merseyside club in the summer from Swansea, and in the light of the recent news over the deaths of 96 fans at Hillsborough, Rodgers has stated that he has a huge job on his hands.

“It is a way of life,” Rodgers describes the Liverpool manager’s job as in The Telegraph.

“You carry a city and people’s hopes here. I also think that the club has to look for certain types of managers. That is something that is either inherent in you or not.

“It is about people. It is about human needs and sometimes that can get lost within football. You know tactics and techniques but the people you remember in your life are actually the people who said something humane to you and gave you hope.

“As a leader of a club such as Liverpool Football Club your duty is not just to the players but to provide hope for your supporters.

“After meeting some of the families of the victims I drove away feeling a greater responsibility to these people.

“These are a group of people who fought for 23 years and can you imagine their journey? The good and bad days? But they kept fighting. That desire, will, perseverance, were great words that came flashing back to me when I was driving home.

“The more I’m up here the more I’m really immersing myself in the culture of the place and the history of the club because until you’re here you don’t really understand it.

“Everyone knows it’s one of the biggest clubs in the world, but only when you’re actually in it can you sense the magnitude of it. I enjoy carrying the hopes of the people.

“Events like yesterday, with the Independent Panel report, and last night’s vigil really fill you with pride but also give you that understanding of the great responsibility you have,” he expressed.

By Gareth McKnight