Rooney is the ‘Dad’ of the changing room, claims Wilshere

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere believes Wayne Rooney is a natural leader.

Rooney was given the England captaincy just months ago but Wilshere claims the United striker is already the ‘Dad’ of the dressing room.

Wilshere said: “He’s a natural leader. You can see that. Even when Steven Gerrard was captain, Rooney was a big voice in the dressing room.

“He gets everyone going, he encourages and he’s not scared to tell you when you’re doing something wrong.

“He’s the only one now who has been playing for England for 10 years, with the likes of Gerrard. He’s been through that generation.

“Now it really feels like he’s the dad figure, if you like. He puts his arm around us, brings us together and gets us going.

“Ever since I came into the squad he was like that. He’s just a natural leader. He loves the game. He’s first out to training. You can tell his hunger has never changed. It’s refreshing to see.”