Roy Keane says David Moyes was ‘snookered’ at Old Trafford

Roy Keane has defended former Manchester United manager David Moyes, claiming the Scot was ‘snookered from the first few weeks’ at Old Trafford, reports the Daily Mirror.

Keane was speaking about his new autobiography, in which he has made controversial claims about former boss Sir Alex Ferguson. But the Irishman also spoke of David Moyes in his book, and insists he felt sorry for the former Everton boss who he claimed was let down by a ‘weak dressing room.’

There were certainly circumstances going back to when he took over, you’re still taking over a good team and at the time probably at the time a decent dressing room. But what you don’t need, and Man United were always pretty good at it, you didn’t need that uncertainty and there was obviously that with Vidic, Rio, Evra and Giggsy coming to the end , so all that stuff didn’t help,” Keane said.

“What you need in football, more than anything else, is a couple of victories, some momentum and they never seemed to get that. There was always going to be a downturn with Ferguson leaving.

“I wouldn’t be critical of Ferguson but sometimes when you’re leaving, it gives the manager a chance to make their own mark and he brought in one or two players, didn’t get the players clearly that he was after in the summer but I don’t think that’s the manager, it’s the chief executive who can probably look at himself. I’m sure if you ask the chief exec he will say ‘yeah, we missed out on a few deals’.

“There were two or three lined up that fell through and they ended up getting one or two on transfer deadline day, Mata in January but maybe the damage was done then. I was going to Old Trafford and there was a lot of negativity around. They got no momentum and it was as if David Moyes was snookered from the first few weeks. “That negativity can get into the dressing room and that’s why I felt it was a weak dressing room. They should have dealt with that and the player should have done better. I saw and number of games and whatever has gone on, politics, managers leaving, lack of players coming in, they should have done better and they did let him down, without a shadow of a doubt.”