Ryan Giggs going for Olympic Gold

Team GB captain Ryan Giggs has admitted that he is desperate to win gold at the Olympic Games.

The Manchester United man is eager to lead his side to the final on August 11, and states that the competition will be his last hurrah internationally.

“As a footballer, you don’t start out in your career hoping to win the Olympics. You want to win leagues, FA Cups and European Cups,” he admitted to The Sun.

“I’m still disappointed I never got to a major championship with Wales but we weren’t good enough to get to a European Championships or World Cup.

“But to get the chance to play in a tournament at such a late stage of my career is obviously one I’m excited about and looking forward to.

“Of course, you want to win every game and win the tournament. We know it’s going to be tough — but having seen the quality of our team over the last few weeks, we’re hopeful of going a long way.

“An Olympic gold would be up there with my European medals. I don’t like to prioritise any medal or trophy, because it’s always a good feeling when you win.

“It’s always a challenge — no matter what you win — and this is a big challenge.

“It’s going to be difficult because there’s a lot of quality in the tournament but there’s quality in our dressing room as well,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight