Ryan Giggs not fussed if ritual is scrapped

Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs has stated that most Premier League players would not have a problem if the pre-match handshake was scrapped.

A question mark over the ritual in the lead-up to games has been raised, as Luis Suarez incited frustration at Old Trafford on Saturday by refusing to shake Patrice Evra’s hand.

However the veteran Welsh player has confirmed that the handshake is not a necessity at games.

“It’s only this season where it has been a problem,” Giggs told The Daily Telegraph.

“If you ask most players, they’d take it or leave it. It’s just part of the build-up. It’s what you do and you are used to doing it.

“But if they take it away, so what? Players would still shake hands after the game,” he stated.

Giggs went on to claim that everyone involved in the ongoing animosity between United and Liverpool is eager to find a resolution and move on, which he feels has been achieved by Kenny Dalglish and Suarez apologising.

“I think everyone involved wanted to move forward and we had hoped that would happen on Saturday. It obviously didn’t, but then 24 hours later, with the statements issued by Liverpool on Sunday, it looks like it might be the end of it.

“That’s what both clubs need and what football in general needs. The clubs need to move on. The rivalry will always be there, but let’s have it as healthy rivalry and nothing else.

“The fans were chanting about me winning more titles than Steven Gerrard on Saturday, but that’s what you get between fans and it’s what you want – you want good, healthy banter between fans,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight