Scott Parker getting better with age

Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker has stated that he feels he is getting better with age, and has vowed to repay the London club’s faith in him.

Spurs signed the England international from relegated West Ham in the summer, but Harry Redknapp has recently revealed that some of the White Hart Lane board were sceptical about the signing due to his age.

Parker, who turned 31 on Thursday, is out to prove any doubters wrong.

“In the last two years, I feel my football has come on massively,” he told Mirror Football.

“I’ve taken on a lot more in terms of stature and confidence in the way I’m playing and the way I feel about things. There were the early parts of my career when I wasn’t mentally tough enough, and it was probably because I was too young.

“In the past, certain things may have got me down but now I’m older and wiser. I understand more about football, and life in general,” he stated.

As the midfielder enters the twilight of his career, he has earmarked Spurs as the team that he will retire at.

“I’ve signed for four years here and would like to think this is my last club. You’re thinking, ‘At 34? He won’t be able to run!’ But I honestly believe players these days can go on for so much longer.

“The game itself is moving on so quickly now in terms of sports science and how players need to look after themselves – I would like to think I would still have a lot to offer when I reach that stage.

“There is so much on offer to help players, like nutrition, specific training and preparation, plus the way you live your life.

“I’m open-minded about sports science and anything that can improve me. You’re talking about fine margins and if you can be one per cent better than your opponent, I try to embrace it,” he concluded.

Parker is set to face former employers Newcastle at St James’ Park on Sunday, as Tottenham look to make it five wins on the trot.

By Gareth McKnight