Sociedad offer £60k a week to Burnley’s star man

Real Sociedad have offered Burnely’s Danny Ings £60,000 a week plus a big signing-on fee in an attempt to intice him to La Liga, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Should Ings take the Spanish side up on their offer than then Burnley would receive £66,000 a season for every year he’s spent at the Premier League club. As the striker has been with the club for three seasons, Burnley would only get £197,000 in compensation.

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To put that in context, Danny Ings would earn more in a month at Real Sociedad than his club would receive for his sale. As such, it’s believed that Burnley would prefer Ings to stay in England if he is to move, with The Sunday Telegraph understanding that interest from Liverpool is still high.

Any deal between the two Premier League clubs would involve a compensation fee, but one decided at an independent tribunal and not by any sort of arbitrary method like the number of seasons spent at the club.