Southampton ace rules out switch to Everton


Southampton full back Luke Shaw is not only making a name for himself as a bit of a player, but also as something of a character on Twitter.

The 18-year-old full back has been hugely impressive under Mauricio Pochettino, so much so that he has reportedly started attracting interest from Manchester United.

And it seems it’s not just David Moyes who is interested, as an Everton fan started tapping up the young full back on Twitter.

Everton fan Peter Dickie, politely asked Shaw if he would be interested in replacing Leighton Baines at Goodison Park in the future once the England man hangs up his boots.

To which Shaw replied, rather bluntly: ‘No thanks.’

If you’ve ever been to Goodison Park, you’ll understand where Shaw is coming from. But would a move to Manchester United to play under Moyes really be much better?