Spurs boss believes greater education is needed

Harry-RedknappHarry Redknapp has hit out at the attitude of players in the modern game and doesn’t believe enough is being done to educate the next generation of footballers, about what is expected from them in order to be a top class professional.

The Tottenham boss who has bear witness in the past few months of his own players staggering out of nightclubs, with Ledley King and Peter Crouch being the most recent examples, believes that it is all a fall out from the broken society we now live in and players not been given the education from a young age at the academies about the potential pitfalls they face.

“There has been a massive failure in this country to educate football players at an early age. When they come to a club at 11 they should be taught what to eat.

“If they come to academies, we should talk to the mums and dads: how to prepare for a game and everything that goes with being a professional.

“Society has broken down. We used to leave our front door open when I grew up. Dad would take me to Highbury on the bus and share his flask of tea with opposition supporters. There was no segregation.

“Footballers used to be part of the same community the fans came from. That has been lost. Modern footballers are part of showbusiness.” (Evening Standard)