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Spurs can no longer dodge this £12.6m bullet

Football FanCast columnist Roy James feels that
the Spurs board can no longer dodge this £12.6m bullet.

They say being a Spurs
fan is never easy and my word they weren't wrong. The season from hell has got
a damn sight worse and I have to say that I am at my lowest ebb for some time.
I'm speechless, absolutely lost for words about it and the most worrying aspect
of this whole sorry story is that there is no light at the end of this bleakest
of tunnels. In the past where we have struggled there always seemed an excuse
for the mess, whether it was key players out injured, but as we walked away
from the Britannia Stadium on Sunday we suddenly realised that this was our
best squad of players and nothing can be done to improve it.

Our football club is a self inflicted mess and one where no one seems
accountable. Ramos and Poyet bemoan our failings in the transfer market; while
Comolli and Levy happily let the management take the rap. It is the most
vicious of circles and alarm bells are ringing – we are in serious trouble as
Jonathon Woodgate pointed out and something has to be done and fast.

At work I'm constantly
being badgered about out plight and what can be done to resolve it. I put the
blame solely on the Spurs board and Comolli, but unfortunately the removing of
them, especially Comolli, is going to do little to help results. It is on the
field of play where their incompetence has been the most damaging and has inadvertently
driven a wedge between Ramos and his players. I honestly believe they have lost
all respect for their manager and are currently cheating him with their
performances. Name me a player apart from Lennon, Bale and Gomes who can
honestly claim to have given 100% for their manager? I was sickened by the way
it took us to go down to 10 men against Stoke before taking some responsibility
out on the pitch – it is a disgrace and we have every right to feel let down as
much as Ramos.

I have a lot of sympathy
for Juande Ramos and felt he has been sold down the river by his employers. The
Spaniard wanted change and why the board were happy to cash in on those
unwanted, the clubs inexplicable failure to replace them has left him in no
man's land. The consequence has seen Ramos having to experiment different
line-ups, which has caused frictions with players and subsequently seen his
authority and respect undermined within the dressing room that has only
exasperated our situation. The players for me are not united, seemingly happy
to come out in the press with their views on the matter instead of actually
rolling up their sleeves and actually going out there and trying to address the
problem. It seems they are just as content as the board is in letting the buck
stop with the manager and that is what leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

The bottom line is that
we are now at a crossroads and the board in my opinion have little option. In
an ideal word Comolli would leave tomorrow, the transfer window will be open
and Ramos can actually bring in players that will get us out of this hole. The
cold reality is this isn't going to happen and we are stuck with this group of
players for the next two months and the board have to decide at what point
enough is enough. They have the right manager at the helm, but in the wrong
circumstances and with every given week it is clear that the players are
refusing to give the Spaniard the effort and determination that is required on
the park knowing (this is what riles me)
that it is easier for the board to sack one man than it is eleven players – it is
an utter disgrace and we all know that if a new manager came in tomorrow that
their attitude will change and will be fully committed to the cause.

The board must decide
whether to wait until January in the hope that Ramos can turn it around or sack
him now in order to preserve our Premier League status. I honestly believe that
the gulf is now too great between Ramos and the players to rectify, because
after months of poor results the Spaniard's respect is being chipped away with
every given week. Ramos has been massively let down by his employers this
summer and has subsequently deprived us of the opportunity to see a top class
manager at work with his chosen team. What's done is done and the consequences
of their failings are highlighted by a little look at the League table. They
have driven a wedge between the management and the players and I believe they
are left with little option but to replace the Spaniard, given the gulf that
now exists between them. £12.6m is a lot of money to pay off the remaining
years of Ramos' contract, but nothing compared to the £40m+ we would lose by
falling out of the Premier League.


Article title: Spurs can no longer dodge this £12.6m bullet

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