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Spurs should swoop for FREE agents – the duo may just save their bacon!

Football FanCast guest columnist Tim Bishop feels that the club should take a chance on a couple of freebies to
try and steer Spurs out of their mess.

They say life is never easy being a Spurs fan and this season has certainly
proved no different. A car crash of an opening has already deflated even the
most positive of Spur and we are all left to look ahead as to what we can
possibly salvage from this sorry start. We never make life easy, but could
Spurs fans imagine life any other way?

There has been a great amount of negativity doing the rounds and to be honest,
I'm not surprised. I have always considered us the best fans in the world when
things are going well, but our own worst critics when things go wrong. The
media feast off our discontentment, try and stick a wedge between us and the
club and they are well and truly succeeding – the result of their endeavours
sees a plan protest against the board at Sunday's game at Bolton, it may seem a
little rash, but supporters are seemingly left with little option given their
inabilities to communicate and let fans know what the hell has been going on
this summer.

One of the most worrying aspects of yesterday's game and a look ahead to up
and coming fixtures against the likes of Bolton, Arsenal and Liverpool in the
coming weeks is that if you look at the squad there are simply no areas that
can be improved. Juande Ramos is stuck with the same group of players, who are
continually letting him down and unless they suddenly wake up to their
responsibilities; which they seemingly did when they went down to ten men, then
we are going to be in serious trouble and possibly beyond the point of return
before we get to the January window.

On the way down the M6 yesterday, talking about our concerns about the
squad, one of our party suggested why the hell we don't make a move for Appiah
and Ronaldo. After a moment's pause and realising he was talking about the fat
Brazilian it certainly made a lot of sense and what has the club really got to
lose. Both players are without football clubs, could be signed up right away
and therefore what is the risk in offering them short term contracts until the
end of January. It really is a case of everything to gain and very little to
lose therefore it suddenly becomes a no brainer as to why the club shouldn't
consider it, especially when you consider how woefully short of quality we are
upfront and how we so dearly lack a holding midfielder. The club will certainly
have to break their rigid pay structure in order to pay the type of wages that
the Brazilian will command, but is it not worth the hit for a few months and
see if he can fire us out of this mess?


Article title: Spurs should swoop for FREE agents – the duo may just save their bacon!

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