Stoke boss Tony Pulis wants punishment for divers

Stoke manager Tony PulisStoke City manager Tony Pulis wants to see the Premier League clamp down on simulation.

Pulis was left disappointed after his side’s 1-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge on Saturday afternoon but he was more upset by the ‘diving’ of some opposition players. Having criticised referee Michael Oliver for failing to dismiss Chelsea defender David Luiz for a wild, late lunge on Jon Walters, the Stoke boss also praised the match official for not being swayed by alleged playacting from Oscar and Branislav Ivanovic earlier in the game. He told Sky Sports:

“He has done well today, because he has not given Chelsea any penalties. There were three or four incidents that we have watched on the telly and people have just thrown themselves to the ground. That is a bugbear with me. When players do that, they should be highlighted. There are one or two players in the Premiership now who people know will go down very easily.

We have got to do that (highlight players). Forget what they are doing in Europe, this is England. This is our game and people like that should be highlighted. Ivanovic’s fall – he is a great player – Oscar went over a couple of times, it just puts enormous pressure and I thought Michael did well in not submitting to the pressure of those decisions.”