Sunderland bust up denied

dicanioAlfred N’Diaye has denied there is any problem between the players and new boss Paolo Di Canio despite recent reports.

The Italian has been very vocal since arriving at the club and lambasted some of his playing staff and hit out out at the “arrogance” and “ignorance” of some of his players after handing out seven fines in a matter of days.

Some players contacted the players’ union, the PFA, who in turn said the boss could not make the rules up as he went along and that sparked rumours of a dressing room revolt.

N’Diaye denies such talk and says there is no problem between the players and the boss, and he told the Journal: “I am in England, but I have an Italian manager, who is very similar to what I am used to from France.

“His mentality is no different for me. It is more different for English players, but for me it is normal. When I played in France, I am used to it. For me, football is like that. For me, it is okay.

“The new manager has a new mentality. For me and everybody, it is not a problem. It is a new mentality, but we accept it.

“Next season, we will move forward together. We will play better and move forward.”