“The Jamie Vardy Stories that nobody hears about” – The Underdog’s academy

Meet the man who has created his own football academy for promising young footballers that are looking for a career pathway in to professional football.

Academy president, Morris Pagniello, believes that “only one percent” of young players make it down the conventional academy route meaning that a lot of promising young footballers become discouraged from pursuing their dream career.

To stop this from happening Pagniello has started up the Genova International School of Soccer (GISS).

GISS is a residential academy that provides a full program to aid player development for young footballers from ‘under developed football nations’.

The academy provides training of the highest professional standards for players that don’t have a clear pathway to becoming a footballer.

Over 82 players who have joined or passed through the GISS Residential Academy doors have signed to professional clubs in the past 6 years.

Watch the video to find out more about the academy for players who wish to come to live and breathe football as professionals do.

Instagram: Giss_world
Facebook: Genova International School of Soccer.  
website. www.issgenova.it
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