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The Positive Effects of Watching Sports Like Football

Playing almost any sport in general can and does have several positive impacts on our body, mind, and social skills. However, can the same be said about people who watch sports? With football being the most popular and the most watched sport globally, several studies have been conducted to find out whether watching football has a positive impact on fans of the sport. As it turns out, there are indeed pros of even watching the game being played on TV or at the stadium.


It is common to undermine the importance of entertainment and relaxation until it’s too late and life begins to feel like a chore. Football is the most watched sport in the world because it is also the most entertaining sport to watch for billions of people across the planet. The satisfaction of watching your favourite team win after a tiring day at work is nothing short of stress relief. If you are into sports betting, then that’s another reason to watch more relevant matches, follow the players, and stay updated with team progress, changes, transfers, etc. for making accurate predictions.


The infamy surrounding some fanatic fan groups in football may not make you feel that football can bring about peace, which is understandable. However, football as a sport has managed to bring about peace on a much larger scale than a few ruffians occasionally acting unruly. Several parts within the United Kingdom itself have managed to keep their historic enmities limited to football derbies, whereas the past was much darker and violent.

On an even larger scale, wars have been temporarily halted because of football, or in one particular case, because of Pele. As one can imagine, if the powers that be did not watch football and love it as much as they did/do, it wouldn’t be possible. Also, if the people they preside over did not support the decision in favour of football, they would not be able to make such decisions either. It might get rough on and off the field sometimes, but in the end, football does help in keeping the peace.


If you are a fan of club football, socialising will never be an issue for you. Not only can you talk and argue about football with even strangers, but you can also become part of a much bigger sports community. Local fan clubs are abundant, and socialising is a common aspect of such clubs. They hold exclusive events, fundraisers, etc. to encourage socialising among fans too. Going to a derby with a group to support your team at the stadium is always a grand experience for anyone who loves watching football and socialising at the same time.

Aside from that, staying updated with what is going on in the world of football can help you break the ice in awkward social situations. It can turn a dull party into something interesting, help you make a friend, and perhaps even land a date! Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of female football fans these days than there was a decade ago.


Yes, it’s true that watching football can enhance our brain functions quite significantly. Unlikely as it may sound, neuroscientists at the University of Chicago published a report way back in 2012 that confirms the theory which originated in the 90s. The aforementioned study, as well as several others which point to finding similar results, defines the principle of increased brain function through watching sports like football as embodied cognition.

Apparently, when someone truly engages himself/herself in watching a match with full attention, their brains show activities which would normally be seen in someone who is actually playing the sport in question. It is a partial activation, as compared to someone who is physically playing football, but even watching the game with attention will boost your brain function and create brand new neural links. These new links are often found to be beneficial in terms of language comprehension, which is directly related to IQ points.

Not that sports fans need an excuse to watch football of course, but just in case you do, now you have several! From increased intelligence and socialisation, to stress busting relaxation, it seems as though football has more to offer than watching mindless entertainment.

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Article title: The Positive Effects of Watching Sports Like Football

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