Man United suffer Third Straight Loss

Manchester United manager David Moyes has hit out at referees after last night’s 2-1 Capital One first leg defeat to Sunderland stating they are “having to play the referees”.

“We’re having to play them [referees] as well as the opposition at the moment,” he told Sky Sports.

“It’s really terrible. We’re actually beginning to laugh at them.”

David Moyes was infuriated a penalty was awarded to Sunderland after Adam Johnson was clumsily challenged by Tom Cleverly, with Fabio Borini scoring from the subsequent spot kick in the 64th minute giving Sunderland a 2-1 first leg lead at the Stadium of Light.

The former Everton boss was also unimpressed with the decision to award the home side a first half free-kick after Johnny Evans clashed with Steven Fletcher that resulted in Ryan Gigg’s own goal.

“The decision for the first goal, I don’t see how it was a free-kick – that doesn’t take away our poor defending from the free-kick though,” Moyes stated.

This is Manchester United third straight loss, the first time this has occurred since 2001, after just recently being knocked out of the FA Cup at home to Swansea three nights ago.

The Red Devils are also struggling to challenge in the Premier League, trailing league leaders Arsenal by 11 points.

Moyes was prompted whether he felt he was under any pressure due to poor form, he replied: “None whatsoever. This is a two-legged game and I’m actually really looking forward to this.

“More important is how good the Manchester United supporters were, how well they supported me and how well they supported the club.”

Manchester United will hope there is no repeat of a home loss to Swansea in this Saturday’s Premier League clash at Old Trafford.


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