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Time for Arsenal to impose a gagging order?

Football FanCast guest columnist Ron Jessop feels that after months of
player outbursts within the media that maybe it's time that Arsenal imposed a
gagging order on them.

I don't
know who gave Cesc Fabregas his soapbox, but I wish they would take it back. It
seems to be the order of the day for the Spaniard to come out with statements,
whether he is having a pop at the clubs transfer policy, talking up his love of
Barcelona or today telling us how he turned down a move from an Italian club,
which in his words was "interesting from an
economical point of view,".
Well thank-you for letting us know Cesc, your
views have been noted.

Am I the only Arsenal fan who thinks
that the club should impose some gagging orders on the players to stop them
continually piping up? Here we are on a day where we should be celebrating a
fantastic performance in Europe and yet it has been upstaged by Fabregas inadvertently
having a pop at our wage structure and bringing to light again that the Italians
clubs are back to their old tricks in attempting to tap up our players. If Cesc
really loves Arsenal and wants a new contract to stay, then why not approach
the club privately and tell them what they need to pay to keep you. It is the
sensible thing to do and not to mention the most respectable act for a football
club who has invested a lot of time and money into you and gave you your

I just think it is getting beyond a
joke and a club as professional run as Arsenal can do without their players
continually talking to the press and undermining everything. They not helpful,
fail to serve any purpose and consequently annoy supporters like myself. All
summer we have been exposed to supposed player unrest within the media and
constant statements being made then retracted and so forth. Players moan that
media are misinterpreting their words and constantly printing them out of
context but then surely the solution is simple then – don't say anything!

I believe it is the time the club
intervened and nipped this in the bud once and for all. The press never normally
need an invitation to write tripe in order to unsettle a football club, so the
last thing we need to do is continually provide them with bait. We are doing
this every given week and it's time for it to stop sooner, rather than later.


Article title: Time for Arsenal to impose a gagging order?

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