Tottenham hit 5 in Europa League Masterclass

Tottenham put on a master class at Tynecastle last night, with an emphatic 5-0 that all but sent Hearts out of the Europa League barring a miracle at White Hart Lane next week.

The Hearts faithful couldn’t believe what they were seeing as the North Londoners raced into a 3-0 lead inside the first half hour. Harry Redknapp’s side passed the ball around crisply and efficiently leaving Paulo Sergio’s side chasing shadows for most of the half.

The new Hearts manager believed his side fell victim of showing their English rivals too much respect and that is what ultimately cost them:

“First half we were on the pitch like someone who had bought a ticket, with our eyes on the ball, no press at all – it was awful.

“When you let players like Tottenham touch the ball and run into empty space it’s dangerous for you.

“We showed them too much respect. They are men like us.

“They played as they wanted in the first half.

“We know there’s a huge difference between us and Tottenham, but I know we should do better than we did in the first half.” (Mirror)

Although Hearts did improve in the second half, Spurs always looked dangerous on the counter attack and added a further two goals via Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon.

The 5-0 win left Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp beaming and claiming that is some of the best football he has ever seen the team play during his tenure at the club:

“We started off so well, we moved the ball about fantastic tonight and it was difficult for them to stay with us.

“The movement off the ball, the passing was absolutely top class and that’s how I like to see us play.

“That’s how we try to play and that’s how I want them to play and first half it couldn’t have gone better.”

“I don’t want to be disrespectful to Scottish football, but there is obviously a big gulf. It’s plain for anybody to see.

“It is a different level now, for sure – it’s pretty obvious. Resources are completely different.

“I’ve seen some good games, but there’s a difference – you look at the money the players earn in the Premier League and the money that’s paid in transfers, there’s got to be a gulf.

“Listen, we had a good day. We could come here again and it could be different.”