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Tottenham’s childish modern day players are cheating us the fans

Football FanCast columnist Fanos Kyriacou askes some tough questions of Tottenham Hotspur players.

There is no
doubt that plenty of joy and no little relief was felt on Sunday after
our 2-0 victory over Bolton which finally ended what has been an excruciating
winless streak in the Premier League. However I'm pretty sure it can't
just be me who felt just a little deflated and indeed let down by the
end of the game. 


Now I won't
go into what I think about the appointment of Harry Redknapp as its
early days yet and I want to give him the chance to prove me wrong.
My beef, however, is with the players. Sunday's game confirmed to
me what a bunch of children modern day footballers are.


The team I
saw play on Sunday showed heart, desire, confidence and a real will
to win and all because a new manager took charge for the first time.
The question has to be asked why the same players failed to show the
same qualities in their previous eight games.


If reports
are correct Juande Ramos had ‘lost' the dressing room (whatever
that means). What is clear is that the players were not performing for
him. We are given the reasons that he couldn't communicate with the
players properly or that the players didn't know what their instructions
were. Now please can someone explain to me how a player like David Bentley
for example needs someone to talk English to him for him to be able
to do what he was bought for i.e. cross a ball that finds one of his
own team mates?


I'm not just
picking on Bentley as I think almost every player that has played this
season are just as much to blame but as a Spurs fan I feel cheated by
these players. Cheated that they need someone to massage their ego and
tell them how good they are before they start putting in some effort
on the football pitch and doing the things they are paid very well to
do; Cheated that they put the club's Premier League status at risk
because they had lost faith in the coach.


As far as I'm
concerned these players signed for Tottenham Hotspur not for whoever
is in charge at the time and they should be playing for the club not
the manager. No doubt we will see a very spirited performance tonight
against Arsenal and win lose or draw I think the players will show that
they are up for it but in my opinion they should have been showing that
spirit from the beginning of the season regardless of whoever was in


Article title: Tottenham’s childish modern day players are cheating us the fans

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