Triesman facing legal action over bribery claims

FIFA executive committee member Worawi Makudi is set to take legal action against former Football Association (FA) chairman David Triesman.Lord Triesman accused the President of Thailand’s FA of taking bribes in exchange for 2018 World Cup hosting votes.

But Worawi said he had evidence to prove his innocence, calling Triesman’s accusations ‘nonsense’.

“The accusation of Lord Triesman against me that I had requested TV rights is baseless,” he said.

“I have evidence to defend myself that the accusation is baseless and nonsense.”

Last week, Lord Triesman told a parliamentary committee in London that Worawi had requested television rights for a proposed England-Thailand friendly match be given to him in exchange for a favourable vote.

“These were some of the things that were put to me personally, which did not represent ethical behaviour,” Lord Triesman said at the time.

Explaining why England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup had failed in the first round, he said numerous FIFA executive members had asked for donations or favours to support the bid.

Worawi’s lawyer Steven Burkill said questions needed to be asked about why Lord Triesman would make such comments.

“We consider that Lord Triesman has falsely defamed Dr Worawi and this has already caused Dr Worawi damage to his reputation and that of his family,” Burkill said.

“We can but wonder why Lord Triesman has said what he said.”

Worawi also said he was still in charge of the Thai FA despite local media reports suggesting otherwise.