Wayne Rooney to lose Manchester United captaincy

Louis van Gaal could be confirmed as the manager of Manchester United sometime this week after various delays, and has also hinted a potential candidate to become the team’s next captain, Mirror reports.

The Dutch manager praised Robin van Persie after a pre-World Cup friendly between the Netherlands and Ecuador, with the striker scoring his teams only goal in a 1-1 draw.

“He plays very well,” he said. “Now he is coming from a bad injury and he scores a fantastic goal – unbelievable – and he was pressing, so I was happy with him, but he is also a good captain”.

He even gave some extra comments to justify why he couldn’t hide his admiration for the United striker after his recent performance.

“Always, you make a player captain when you have more or less the same philosophy, not only about football tactics but also about life,” he added.

“So I think that’s very important. I believe that Van Persie and Van Gaal [have] the same philosophy.”

However, as the 62-year old has yet to be officially named as the new Red Devils boss, he cannot actually confirm any news regarding the now former Premier League champions.

“I cannot say anything about that,” he added.