Welbeck’s Ibrahimovic Shirt Worth £30k

England striker Danny Welbeck was lucky enough to nab himself Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s shirt after the final whistle on Wednesday night, and now it is worth a small fortune.

The Swedish striker turned in a perfect performance scoring one of the greatest goals of all time along the way, to make Welbeck a cool £30,000 if he wanted to sell it right now.

The occasion of the first game in a new national stadium and the fact that it was against England has also increased the value of the shirt with memorabilia collectors everywhere wanting to get in on the action.

“Welbeck’s sitting on a small fortune,” Tom Rollett of Exclusive Memorabilia told The Sun.

“The shirt is of great interest to collectors because of the spectacular goal, the person wearing it and the fact the goal was against England and in a brand new stadium.

“If it went to auction now while people are still talking about it, the top could get up to £30,000.”