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West Ham need this like a hole in the head…

Football FanCast guest
George Braithwaite feels the FA's punishment could have real
financial consequences on West Ham.

I have always felt the FA were the most inept of organisations
and the latest decision to charge Millwall and West Ham for the ill fated
events at Upton Park has all the smackings of desperation on their part.

Let's be honest, as is everything in this country and incident
gets blown up to mass proportions and therefore the FA have little option but
get forced into taking action and making the punishment far outweigh the crime.
Yes the scenes and what took part that night were out of hand and need to be
addressed, but surely it is the individuals that need to be punished not the
football club.

I was at Upton Park that night and the events were not
pleasant at all, but how can West Ham be held accountable for the actions of
their supporters and more significantly look to penalise them by shutting their
ground, of which is an important stream of revenue, especially in the financial
state we are in? Surely the job of the powers that be is to utilise CCTV
identify those supporters who are guilty of racist abuse and those who came on
the pitch and not only fine them, but ban them from every single football
ground in the country; they are the ones responsible after all. Why should the
rest of decent law abiding supporters be punished on the back of others. Is it
simply the case of it is too much like hard work on their part…I reckon so?

It is incredibly frustrating, especially when you know this
could all be sorted out. When you had that furore at Fratton Park last season
with Spurs fans and their abuse of Sol Campbell, the police we able to identify
the supporters responsible and were able to take them to court where they all
faced fines and banning orders of various lengths. Why can't this be done this
time? Do you honestly think the morons who shout out racist abuse, or run on
the pitch care about a four game closure? They can return in a couple of

What is important about this, as far as West Ham is concerned,
is the loss revenue as a result. I don't know what our gate receipts are normally
on a match-day, but I bet they go a fair way to paying players wages on a
weekly basis, therefore without it we are left in trouble here and very much up
the creek without a paddle.

Have the FA got it right, or do you agree that the punishment is harsh – CAST YOUR VOTE!

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Article title: West Ham need this like a hole in the head…

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