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Where is it going wrong at Bolton Wanderers?

Bolton PodJockey Gareth Cunliffe reflects of the demise of his beloved football club.

At the start of this season I had optimism, just like most other Trotters fans out there. The problem is, this optimism is slowly turning to pessimism, and that doesn't happen regularly with me.

Is it the ginger-Mourinho? Is it the players? Is it plain and simply the club's lack of ambition? I can't really put a finger on it to be honest, and that's what's getting me down about Bolton I suppose. For the first time in a long while we are lacking in that creative flair department, the manager seems to have nothing in his plan other than to defend, and Gartside; well Gartside just likes to moan about and predict the future for English football. What has happened to our Lancashire club? Surely all this mess can't come from one man leaving more than a season ago?

For us Bolton fans, it's frustrating at the least to see such a demise in stature and performance by the club we love, just as it would be to any fan of any club. Something that perhaps hurts more is the way all this has suddenly come about and therefore, slowly ground the club to nearly a complete halt. The once ever-present Lancastrian 'Flare' has totally gone out of our game, there is no Allardyce-esque creative man running forward and passing the ball from foot to foot then hoofing it into the box.

It was okay at the start of the season but now, nine games in, the hopeful run and long-ball tactics don't work, you can't just do that with a £10m striker up front. Elmander likes to play and run onto crosses, not defensive hoof and hope balls. If, for example, Megson should at one point decide to start Riga Mustapha, maybe the goals may come? However, we're not going to find out when he enters the field when all is lost at 82 minutes.

I don't want to sound moany or groany however, I know I am. I never agreed with Megson's appointment, but accepted it. The truth is, I'm still not happy and I really don't know how much longer I can take accepting it. He needs to do something attacking, quick, and fast. We Mustapha Riga, and we got 'im, so use him Meggo and play some attacking football!


Article title: Where is it going wrong at Bolton Wanderers?

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