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Why Spurs protest must not go ahead!

FanCast columnist
Fanos Kyriacou cannot understand the logic behind this
planned protest on Sunday and the purpose it intends to serve.

So a section of Spurs fans have, in their
infinite wisdom, arranged a protest which will take place before the match
against Bolton attempting to force out Daniel Levy and Damien Comolli. It can't
be just me who thinks that this will not help our current plight one bit. What
is it that the fans are protesting about exactly?

Now I'm not Daniel Levy's biggest fan but
some of the criticism levelled against him is quite unfair. He has made sure
that the club is in a very strong financial position and has made funds
available for the purchase of players, funds to rival the likes of Manchester
United and Liverpool. He has also always fought our corner and has tried to
always act for the best interests of the club. Like most people I agree that he
got it badly wrong in the summer with the handling of the Dimitar Berbatov
affair but shouldn't we as a club give him the opportunity to rectify this?

People point to his appointment of Damien
Comolli as Director of Football and complain about the players he has signed. I
didn't hear too many complaints when the club signed the likes of Berbatov,
Gareth Bale, Jonathan Woodgate, Alan Hutton and Luka Modric but of course
according to many pundits and Spurs fans it is only the bad signings that he is
responsible for. And even though we had a problem about the way Martin Jol was
sacked we weren't exactly too upset at the appointment of one of the most
highly rated and sought after coaches in European football were we?

Now please don't get me wrong I have nothing
against protesting when done properly but it seems to me that these fans are
only protesting because we are not getting results at the moment and not
because they disagree with the club's policy. We keep hearing things like Levy
is only in it for the money and the whole system of having a Director of
Football should be scrapped but would these same people be saying that if we
were top of the league? If they are so against the regime why were there no
protests in the summer? Whatever you think about the chairman it is foolish to
think he would act to the detriment of the club's best interests because then
the club's value would drop.

So what happens if the planned protest is
successful and Levy and Comolli both leave the club, how will that help our
cause exactly? Will it make the team perform better? Will we suddenly start
playing every team we face off the park and win all our remaining fixtures with
ease? The answer is clearly ‘no'. What it will do is push the club in to
complete meltdown and cause the maximum amount of unrest which will affect the
players even more. I'd like someone to tell me a time when a protest actually
turned a club's fortunes around for the better because I certainly can't think
of one.

As far as I'm concerned now is not the time
to protest against anyone at the club. We badly need a win and now more than
ever the club needs our support. By that I mean singing our hearts out for the
team, not booing at half time if it is not going according to plan and trying
to help lift the players and the coaches out of this gloom. The only people a
protest will benefit on Sunday are Bolton who will no doubt feel they can take
full advantage of a fragmented club and heap more misery on us. You can just
imagine Gary Megson's team talk now telling his players that Spurs are so
vulnerable at the moment and the fans will turn on them if we keep things tight
for the first 15-20 minutes and then nick a goal.

Did a protest help Newcastle? Look what
happened when they protested, Mike Ashley agreed to sell up and they ended up
with Joe Kinnear as manager. Is that really what we want, to find ourselves in
the same situation? The last thing we need right now is to be a club in limbo
and turning this rotten run of form into a full blown crisis.

So I implore all genuine Spurs fans out there
to stand up and get behind our team in a positive way against Bolton and try to
pull them out of this situation and give the current board a chance to fix the
mistakes they have undoubtedly made because a negative protest by the fans on
Sunday will only bring about more misery and unrest.


Article title: Why Spurs protest must not go ahead!

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