The Picture Quiz

Are you ready to challenge your friends and your foes to a punt at the pinnacle of all picture quizzes?

Featured below are 50 snaps of world-class players from past and present. They’ve all achieved the honour of representing their country – but pre-stylists, hair plugs, and having the concept of photography explained to them, these footie heroes look by turns naff, furious and just plain confused. Perms, bushy brows and painful bouts of wind have rendered them almost unrecognisable.

So can you hack through the horror and hirsuteness to identify any? Enter the full name of the player below their pic and find out how many you get right – then use our scoring system of famous left-footers to find out if you’re a Konchesky or a Messi when it comes to footie faces.

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So, did you put your best foot forward?

0 – 15: You’re ap-paul-ling like Paul Konchesky

16 – 30: You’re down and out with Stewart Downing

31 – 49: Gar-eat, you’re Gareth Bale

50: King of the Jungle – you’re Lionel Messi