From Gareth Bale to Pato, football’s most dramatic transformations

Form is temporary class is permanent (sort of).

If you tried to explain to an alien what football is, it would boil down as this: two opposing teams compete with each other for 90 minutes to put a sack of air between a pair of sticks more times than the other.

Easy enough to understand for our little green extra-terrestrial friends, right?

What you may find more of a challenge to convey is ‘form’. Why do quality players turn bad? Why do no-hopers come good? What forces are at work to catalyse this process? Witchcraft? Magic?

Our beautiful game is littered with tales of glory and demise, and Pl>ymaker FC’s Emma Conybeare has shortlisted some of the most prominent transformations for your entertainment.

Check them out in the video above.

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