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Watch: Assessing the impact of the Glazers at Manchester United

As football becomes an increasingly globalised and commercial market, the owners of the biggest clubs in the world become as famous as the institutions themselves.

At the turn of the┬ámillennium, when Manchester United won a famous treble, Sir Alex Ferguson’s side were able to lay down a┬ámarker in world football as the landscape changed for good. With the introduction of cheaper flights around the world and 24-hour news desks, United were certainly making the most of their iconic history at the right time.

Little over five years later, as foreign ownership became a widespread theme in the Premier League after Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea, the Glazer family bought the Red Devils.

While their impact at the Theatre of Dreams has been the subject of much debate amongst the club’s fanbase all around the world, do the Americans get too much criticism?

Our video below discusses the effect of the Glazer family.