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Watch: PL25 – The history of the transfer fee

With some huge deals already going ahead, one can only imagine what the collective spending total will be in the Premier League when the transfer window finally closes at the end of the summer.

We may well see a new record transfer fee eclipsing the unprecedented sum Manchester United spent on Paul Pogba last summer, considering the incredible finance now available to Premier League clubs.

But it wasn’t always that way; at the end of the 19th century Willie Groves became the first player to command a transfer fee by moving to Aston Villa for just £100 and even only 20 years ago, Alan Shearer became the first British player to be acquired for a world-record fee – Newcastle shelling out £15million for their future club legend. The level of inflation since then has been incredible.

So with the Premier League celebrating its 25th anniversary, here’s a look at the history of the transfer fee and how the current format of the English top flight has influenced it…