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Watch: Rafa’s Latest Pub Facts

Tired of losing to your mates in pub debates about whether the kind of money required to sign Cristiano Ronaldo represents better value than building a hospital, if Chelsea flops are ever a good idea and what superstar striker West Ham won’t sign this summer? Fear not, Rafa Benitez is on hand to arm you with “the fachs.”

We’ve picked 5 of the most unbelievable statistics inspired by the ongoing transfer murmurings in the Premier League and packaged them in a short and digestible video so you can sit back in a sunny pub garden with a cool pint of beer and a side cocktail of smugness and superiority.

Who has cost the most in cumulative transfer fees? Which ex-England star played for five clubs without once commanding a transfer fee and what delicious item did Manchester United hand over in exchange for a player? Watch the video for all that and more!