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Watch: The Fantasy Football Show – Man United and Chelsea Reject XI’s

There are few phrases in the English language that disappoint football fans as much as “international break.” The Premier League is put on hiatus as our favourite players head off for semi-competitive qualifiers, risking injury while representing teams that don’t pay their wages. Boo.

Fantasy managers might have their feet up this week, but that gives us the chance to showcase our just-for-fun Football FanCast Championships league, which you can view for yourself by clicking here.

In the name of scientific research, we’ve set up a five-team league of themes teams: Chelsea Rejects, Man Utd rejects, England XI, U23 XI and the Old Bastard XI.

Find out how these sides are performing in the latest edition the the Fantasy Football Show, and be sure to let us know which changes we should make to the lineups…