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Watch: The Man United School of Diving, feat. Marcus Rashford

Watch out Tom Daley, a challenger to your crown as King of the diving board has emerged.

Young Marcus Rashford, seemingly unsatisfied with just being a footballing prodigy, looks like he fancies a crack at the pool in Tokyo 2020 as well. With his side being held at 0-0 just before half-time by relegation-threatened Swansea, Rashford showed all the finesse and grace of a swan nose-diving into a lake of liquid gold to win a penalty.

Of course, to the wider footballing community, it didn’t come across quite as visually poetic as the Man United striker probably intended. Rather than being scored out of 10 or being used as a tranquil screensaver, it will be chalked down as another example of blatant and unsporting simulation that only cheapens results and robs struggling teams of crucial points.

It would be unfair to single out Rashford as a lone-offender and let’s hope he redeems himself throughout the bright career he has ahead of him. However, with similar antics having been performed by the likes of Ashley Young, Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo over the years, we will single out Manchester United for their own diving masterclass video.

Don your goggles, open up your exercise books and pay attention for The Man United School of Diving!