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Watch: We’re all getting sick of Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho was once upon a time the man. Women wanted him, men wanted to be like him and everything he said was gladly lapped up by the media and fans – he coined the nickname ‘The Special One’ for himself, after all.

Alas, time has not been overly kind to the Portuguese tactician, who has lost that silver fox appeal he had, with his soundbites now more irritating than they are witty as we’ve all grown too aware of the ulterior motives of his words.

Back in English football with Manchester United after a botched return to Chelsea last season and a few months out of the game, Mourinho hasn’t had the most smooth of spells, with, despite all of the money spent, the club unable to bridge the gap to break into the top four – which was surely the minimum requirement before a ball was kicked.

With the tide turning against Jose, we have put a video together of just why he’s becoming ‘The Hated One’…