ICONS of Football 2017: Schmeichel vs. Shearer go head-to-head

Though they played their football at the opposite ends of the pitch, you would be hard pressed to find two Premier League players as highly-regarded as Alan Shearer and Peter Schmeichel.

Famed for his impressive shot stopping ability, Schmeichel was arguably the greatest goalkeeper of his generation, whilst Alan Shearer’s Premier League goalscoring record remains on a pedestal despite the fact that he retired over 10 years ago.

Both players optimised the hard work and dedication necessary to reach the highest totem pole in the Premier League, with the pair enjoying success throughout their storied careers.

Certainly, Alan Shearer may think that he has the edge over his Danish rival, with his memorable goal against Aston Villa in 2001 not an easy one to forget. But Peter Schmeichel might just get his chance to get his own back on Shearer this summer, with the pair facing off at Icons of Football 2017 event, hosted at The Belfry.

Team captains Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke will be hoping that the historic duo will be half as good with a club in their hands as they were with a ball at their feet, with both the English team and the Rest of the World team looking to secure victory at the end of June.

But just how well do they stack up against each other? Leading the way with trophies is, of course, Peter Schmeichel – with his tenure at Man Utd proving fruitful when it came to silverware. Schmeichel also leads the way with international caps, with 126 a tough number to beat.

Alan Shearer certainly has nothing to be ashamed of, though, with the striker making an astonishing 441 Premier League appearances during his career – not to mention the 260 goals that he picked up along the way.

Significantly, it is also Shearer that leads the way on the golf course, with his impressive handicap of 6 beating out Schmiechel’s 10 – which could be absolutely vital in June.

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