Klopp’s Liverpool lead Premier League passing charts

They say possession is nine tenths of the law. It’s not exactly nine tenths of the result in any given football game, but dominating the ball, more often than not, certainly gives your side a pretty good chance of winning.

More focus is placed on possession than ever before in the post-Pep-Guardiola’s-Barcelona-world we all now live in; his Barca side dominated the ball in a way the beautiful game had never seen before, carving up virtually everything in their path for the best part of three years.

And thus, the Premier League’s passing charts this season certainly make interesting reading. Whilst they may not be top of the league table, no side has completed more passes than Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool with a staggering 16,256 – according to data courtesy of EA SPORTS.

Of course, what you actually do with possession is far more important than how much you have. Shuffling the ball from one centre-back to the other really won’t get you very far. But once again, Liverpool lead the way here – completing the most passes of any Premier League side, 9339, in the opposition half.

With so much of the ball in influential areas, it makes you wonder where Klopp’s Reds would be this season if injuries to Philippe Coutinho and Sadio Mane – who was also absent during the African Cup of Nations – hadn’t gone against them.

 Data Courtesy of EA SPORTS, the Lead Partner of the Premier League.