Liverpool ace hilariously fails to replicate the Sturridge dance

Liverpool newbie Alberto Moreno was given a chance to showcase his ability to do a Daniel Sturridge goal scoring dance after he was seen rehearsing the routine in training prior to the Crystal Palace game.

The 22-year-old was filmed taking tips from Sturridge in regards to his dance moves during a training session, and he was tipped to produce the celebration if Sturridge or himself managed to score in a competitive fixture.

Just as it was bound to happen, the England striker netted the equaliser against Palace to make the score 1-1, before he was joined by the Spanish youngster in his routine celebratory dance.

When the pair celebrated the goal, Moreno can be seen as a little confused in regards to how the dance should have be executed, hilariously making a fool of himself.

Well, like they say…practice is the key to success and maybe next weekend, the Reds’ left-back may actually produce a perfect replica of the trademark celebration in the near future.

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