Looks like Arsenal fans had more than one close shave at the weekend!

Arsenal and Wigan fans awaiting their teams’ FA Cup Semi-Final clash on Saturday had a close shave after the Beautiful Game turned ugly with a number of nervy lads waxed the #Brozilian way!

We stumbled across Pot Noodle’s #Brozilian event after hearing there was a chance to win a trip to Brazil just down the road from Wembley, where Arsenal made hard work of their FA Cup Semi Final against Wigan, eventually beating the Latics on penalties.

Not being ones to turn down a freebie, we went to investigate, but as soon as we found out that to be in with a chance we had to allow a team of (albeit good looking) beauticians to do a bit of ‘manscaping’ in the trouser department, we scarpered.

That said, there were plenty of brave lads who did take the plunge in what was the first mass-shaving Wembley has ever seen (although Arsenal fans are used to coming away from the home of football stripped bare!)

The lads at Pot Noodle were going on about their new flavour; Brazilian BBQ Steak, which has already hit the shelves – but all we could think about were those poor fellas and what their girlfriends would say when they got home!

Check out the video from the event and a picture gallery, both of which feature the type of gurning that Phil Jones would be proud of…

Click on this guy who’s clearly having a whale of a time to see the full gallery!