Magical Liverpool star tricks the BBC and England fans

For a split second last night, England had taken the lead against Italy in their opening game of the World Cup. Or so the England supporters, and even the BBC, believed.

When Liverpool‘s Raheem Sterling unleashed a thunderous piledriver inside the first five minutes, which looked for all the world as though it had flown exquisitely into the top corner of the net, bars and homes erupted throughout England as the country’s fanbase believed that they had just witnessed the goal of the tournament, and the making of the young man.

Take a look at just some of those who were fooled by the camera work.

Sterling put in arguably England’s best performance on the night, and despite coming away empty-handed, the reaction to the team’s efforts have been overwhelmingly positive. If the youngster continues to put on displays equivalent to that against Italy, England shouldn’t have to worry.