On yer ‘ead! Lineswomen flattened by wayward clearance

Lineswoman struck by ballSchadenfreude can be a beautiful thing sometimes. Think about the past couple of seasons Fernando Torres has served up and one word comes to mind: satisfaction (sorry Chelsea fans but he has become useless since you signed him.)

Here we have a taste of schadenfreude Brazilian style with a moment that would definitely make it onto our beloved ‘You’ve Been Framed’. Ironically, the defender responsible for flattening the assistant referee in this second division match will almost certainly never strike a ball better. Ah well, it seems he has achieved his 15 minutes of fame by accomplishing something we’d all like to pull off when the officials go against your team, whether it be supporting your club or playing Sunday league football.

To be fair, it was actually good officiating which resulted in the lady being in the perfect line of fire for the ball to knock her off her feet. It really does display accuracy worthy of extra points on Call of Duty, such is the velocity of this headshot.

Check out the video below…

[youtube jA_cGnzHEqo]

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