Top 15 Americans with the most appearances in the Premier League

Visit Britain are looking to find football’s biggest Super Fan, and with the significance of the Premier League certainly on the rise in the United States, they will have a lot of fans to choose from.

Whilst American Football and Basketball remain the iconic sports in the United States, that is something that is slowly changing. The emergence of divisions like the MLS are placing the focus on football – or soccer – and fans are steadily growing in numbers.

Indeed, some of the most passionate fans of football are from America – and if you are one of them, Visit Britain could be looking for someone just like you.

The prospect of the Premier League is not just an exciting one for American fans, but rather, it is one for American players too – and over the years, dozens of American soccer stars have moved across the Atlantic to try their hand in the Premier League.

Some have made it to the top of the game, whilst others have struggled, and the influence that they are all having in the Premier League is huge – but who has made the most sizeable impact? That is a hard thing to measure, but a good way of finding out is by looking at how many appearances each individual has made.

Do you think you could name the players with the most caps in the Premier League? Take the quiz below and see how many of the top 15 American appearance makers you can name!

Let us know how you do…

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