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Top 5 American’s that have had the biggest imprint on the Premier League

Visit Britain are looking to find their football Super Fan, and given the number of influential figures from the United States that have had an impact on the Premier League – they could well find it stateside.

Whilst the Premier League is based in England, a number of American’s have gone across the pond and had an impact – both on and off the pitch.

On the pitch, there is a host of big name players that have been hugely influential during their careers, whilst off the pitch there are American managers and owners that have broken ground in their field.

Indeed, there are more than a few people for American soccer fans to aspire to be like, but who has made the biggest impact?

Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey is now back in the MLS, but the impact that he had whilst in England was huge.

He made a name for himself at Fulham, and subsequently, his fine form earned him a big move to Tottenham.

The attacker was one of the first modern American’s to really make his mark in England, arguably becoming one of the most in-demand players in the English top flight at one point.

His spell with Tottenham didn’t work out as he would have hoped, but in terms of quality American players, Dempsey is right up there.

Brian McBride

Brian McBride enjoyed a very succesful few years in England, with the American becoming a household name at Fulham.

A fan favourite in the Premier League, McBride’s name is now used as the title of a sports bar at Craven Cottage – signalling just how significant the mark that he left was.

He spent 4 years with the Cottagers, and was named Player of the Year in 2007, and has since not been forgotten by Fulham fans.

Bob Bradley

Whilst Bob Bradley’s tenure in charge of Swansea City wasn’t a particularly good one, the ramifications of his appointment could be huge.

He was, of course, the first American manager in the Premier League, and there is certainly an argument to be had that he broke serious ground in doing so.

Of course, the likelihood of another American manager coming to the Premier League any time soon would have been increased far more had he impressed at the helm, but the fact that he was trusted and given the job certainly speaks volumes about how far the relationship between Americans and the Premier League has come.

Brad Friedel

Brad Freidel is likely the first player that you think of when you consider American footballers in the Premier League, and that is purely because of how good he was.

He still holds the record for the most successive Premier League games – 310 – and that goes a long way to suggest just how impressive he was.

The American played for teams including Blackburn and Tottenham, and nobody else from the United States can get close to his longevity.

The Glazer Family

This is a family, rather than an individual, but you could argue that the Glazer family have exerted more influence on English football than any other group or individual.

Of course, they are the current owners of Manchester United – arguably the biggest team in England – and their focus on the growth, both commercially and otherwise, of the club is a route that has been followed by the majority of the big clubs around them.

Indeed, they might not be as popular as many other owners, but Manchester United as a club has undoubtedly grown as a brand under their ownership – and they’re keeping the club at the pinnacle of European discussion, despite the poor form of recent years.

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Article title: Top 5 American’s that have had the biggest imprint on the Premier League

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