Video: The Premier League’s 25th Anniversary – the stats

The Premier League has produced some of football’s greatest moments in its 25-year existence and shows no signs of slowing down.

The league has become arguably the world’s best and continues to attract the world the sport’s biggest names. Flush with cash, managers can build squads with quality from all over the globe to battle it out in the world’s most competitive league.

As clubs begin pre-season training for the 26th season of the Premier League, we take a look at some of the eye-watering stats from the first quarter century of the rebranded English top-flight.

From the league’s most successful players and clubs to those whose seasons they would rather forget, the Premier League has given its supporters everything and more.

Which records will be broken this year? Will there every be a worse Premier League team than Derby County? Will anyone outscore Alan Shearer? Which record does poor Swindon Town regretfully hold?