Video: Southampton, Liverpool’s feeder club

Clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City have established relationships with feeder clubs in the Netherlands and Spain where the Premier League clubs often loan out their youngsters and have first refusal on the feeder club’s stars.

Another top-four club seem to have established such a relationship, but with another top division club as opposed to a foreign one. It has worked out more often than not, but still represents an interesting dynamic in the Premier League.

The transfer relationship between Liverpool and Southampton has blossomed over the past few seasons as the South Coast club have a firm hold in the Premier League and continue to replace its stars adequately.

The Reds seem to have an affinity for Saints players and have repeatedly returned to the well. The club were linked with Saints centre-back Virgil van Dijk earlier this summer so it doesn’t appear that Liverpool have an intention of cooling their interest in Southampton players any time soon.