Freestyle Football

Freestyle football is one of the fatest growing aspects of the game worldwide. It is all about self-expression, combining art and football in the art of ball mastery, as well as having fun. Using every part of your body from your head to feet, simply juggling with a ball develops your control of the ball and helps with body awareness, control, co-ordination, rhythm and balance. The whole idea of freestyle football is to be free, to do what you want with a football and try things that you never have the chance to do in formulaic training sessions. You can learn at your own pace and don’t need any equipment to practice. It’s just you and the ball. Once comfortable you can event your own tricks and impress your mates with a unique trick.

Watching a top football freestyler at work is completely mesmerising and has become one of the most popular forms of football entertainment other than matches themselves. From half-time entertainment at Premier League fixtures, to Skill Skool on Soccer AM, freestyle football is becoming increasingly popular and its profile is increasing all the time. People like John Farnworth in Norway are making a name for themselves as being amongst the best football freestylers in the world:

[youtube 4dZ7FJxdxcg]

Football freestyling is now a popular form of half-time entertainment at football grounds across the world and especially in England where football fans always enjoy a bit of ball juggling. Here is 15 year old kick4change ambassador Brandon Hawksley at London Road for Peterborough’s Championship match vs Cardiff, with fans chanting ‘sign him up!’:

[youtube LTaITvjQp-Y]

Programmes like Soccer AM are helping to promote the sport of freestyle football through their regular Skill Skool feature that pits youngsters against each other as they attempt to pull of the best tricks and the sport is also extremely popular across the world where it is helping to promote the essence of football, as well as entertaining kids everywhere:

[youtube j4QZyb6i1QE]

Freestyle Football Federation

The Freestyle Football Federation (F3) is an organisation set up to inspire young people through football. F3 is the governing body for freestyle football and has been set up to promote the sport and aims to improve the health, fitness and skill levels of young people around the world. They are launching ‘The Ball’, a symbol of hope, helping to promote peace and unity, with the slogan ‘all you need is a ball’. A journey will be made by one football as it is taken through Europe and 17 African countries to the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2010.Dan Magness will set a new world record by juggling an African hand made leather ball for a massive 30 miles throughout the streets of London visiting all Premiership football stadiums in the city.

Streets United

Streets United are one of the leading groups of football freestylers in the world and are the world’s largest resource base of Street Sports and urban artists. They organise, coordinate and provide breath taking performances and shows at a wide range of events. They also act as consultants who organise youth and community projects and create workshops and experience days with their urban and street sport professionals.

[youtube nBTVBWttcmQ]

Streets United aim to influence the youth and underprivileged with the hope of bringing out the talent in everyone and their unique approach helps to knocks down barriers to social integration and allows Streets United to work in any environment, bringing youngsters together. Here are the Streets United crew showing off their skills in India:

[youtube W0v7kaYFMNA]