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Craven Cottage

Key Information about Craven Cottage

Craven Cottage is currently the home of Championship side Fulham FC and has been since 1896. The stadium is located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, with the River Thames to its west and Stevenage and Bishops Parks up in the north and south sides respectively.

At the moment, it can seat up to 19,000 people with a pitch size of 100m x 65m and a running track not included. But, it should be noted that the capacity was 25,700, all-seated, until the Riverside Stand was closed back in 2019. The surface of the pitch is, of course, covered with natural grass and has undersoil heating installed.

The architect responsible for creating Fulham’s current home is Archibald Leitch and even though the maximum capacity now stands at 19,000, the record attendance goes as high as 49,335 for a game in which they faced Millwall on October 8 1938.

A History of Craven Cottage

Craven Cottage’s history dates all the way back to 1780 when it was supposedly built in the woods and the surrounding area was, in fact, used for various other sports. That residence, which also hosted a plethora of different high-profile guests over the years, including Queen Victoria, has seen many different changes of the years.

But following a fire, the site was abandoned and the Cottagers would have eight different homes before finally settling down at Craven Cottage – a stadium in a location so overgrown it took them two years to finally set it up and make it suitable for football after it was initially bought by the club in 1894. The first ever game was played in 1896 and needless to say, it was not an impressive ground at the time, only having a basic wooden stand to show for.

It was then improved during the 1903/04 campaign and rightly so because the attendance was starting to soar. One of the first stands at Craven Cottage, called the Rabbit Hutch, could seat up to 1,200 spectators but that was demolished about 18 months in favour of the current Johnny Haynes Stand.

Soon after, Fulham saw further improvements to their ground as the new 5,000-seat stand called Stevenage Road Stand was built and Leitch himself was hired to design it. Floodlights were then also added in 1962 and they got their electronic scoreboard at the Riverside terrace too, which was officially opened in February 1972 and today it can hold just over 4,600 spectators.

Apart from its current host, the national teams of both Ireland and Australia treated this ground as their home, playing their fixtures there temporarily and in 1948 it also hosted four games of the Olympics.
Craven Cottage has been Fulham FC’s home ground since 1896 apart from two campaigns – one in 2002/03 and the other in 2003/04 – that they spent at Loftus Road while the stadium was being redeveloped into an all-seater venue. The Whites, however, returned to Craven Cottage for the start of the 2004/05 season.

Tickets to watch Fulham FC at Craven Cottage

Tickets to see Fulham FC play at Craven Cottage can be found on the club’s official website and usually cost around £35 – £45, depending on the age of the buyer and the location in the stands. It is possible to book a ticket for a certain fee and of course, there is a waiting list for the ones that would like to purchase a season ticket.

Fulham FC also offer a paid membership that gives the fans unique discounts on both tickets and club merchandise as well as also being given priority ticket access for all Fulham home league games.

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