The top 25 FIFA 17 Career Mode wonderkids you need to sign

Everyone loves a wonderkid on FIFA 17.

A player you can nurture in to a world class talent and help lead your team to ultimate glory in career mode. There are a number of young superstars currently strutting their staff in world football – they may still be young, but some are already huge names and recognised worldwide.

But with FIFA 17, you have the opportunity to take the even further and make them even better.

You can build your team around wonderkids and, due to their age, they can be the cornerstone of your team’s success for many years to come.

But who are the best wonderkids to look out for and where can you find them? We’ve devised a list of the top 25 wonderkids to buy in Career Mode for you to bookmark and return to whenever you’re struggling to find top young players to bring in.

There are a few names you would’ve heard of, but even more who you probably don’t know about. Yet.