FM19: A first look at the new look Football Manager 2019

It’s that time of year again. Summer is fizzling out, Halloween is beginning to rear its ugly head and Christmas shall be coming along shortly afterwards. Of course, you don’t care a jot about any of that though – why would you? After all, Football Manager 2019 is on its way, with an official release date of November 2nd.

This year the game is set to arrive with a bang. With the branding having undergone a major aesthetic overhaul, the game is coming back sexier than ever.

However, FM has had more than a mere paint job since the last instalment was released. The latest edition promises a raft of new features and a more realistic and immersive experienced than ever before. Your non-playing and increasingly exasperated loved ones will be delighted.

Dig out your suits and dust off your chalkboards, FM fans. Let’s dive into the most exciting new features that the next version of the world’s best video game has to offer…

Looking good

Football Manager 2019 boasts a sleek, clean, user-friendly interface – or at least one as close to any of those things such a monumentally detailed game can get. 

The whole package is more vibrant and engaging than ever before. Now, why don’t you just take a moment to feast your eyes on all those lovely stats and graphs?

Training overhaul

The squad training schedule screen looks far more intuitive this time around which should encourage more FM players to actually engage with the training system (rather than palming it all off to a beleaguered assistant again).

There can be no greater reward as a manager than seeing the training ground graft pay off big time when Saturday comes around. Hopefully, if the new training system lives up to its promise, very soon we can all be enjoying that feeling whilst still safely ensconced indoors.

Das ist Fußball

New licenses are always a delightful addition to any instalment of FM and this year we can look forward to a biggie. For the first time ever, FM 19 will feature a fully licensed Bundesliga. 

36 German sides will have fully accurate kits and logos and player faces. Just when you thought leading Hertha Berlin to European glory couldn’t get any better, it just got real.

Channel your inner Guardiola…or Allardyce

Philosophies have been a thing in real football for a long time now. From the Dutch-born concept of Total Football to Jurgen Klopp’s lauded Gegenpress, innovative philosophies have evolved and shaped the game we know and love. Now they can become a part of your FM journey too.

So, whether you want to go Route One or dazzle with some intricate Tiki-Taka business, philosophies will be central to the revamped tactics system in the game. More control and manipulation than ever before over the way our teams play is what we all want, and this looks to be a big step in the right direction.

It’s a brave new world

We’ve saved perhaps the biggest new feature (to have been revealed so far) for last. That’s right, VAR is coming to the world of FM. 

Imagine it now: the opposition score a last minute goal that steals your hard-earned glory just when you thought you could taste it. Then it goes to VAR…and is overturned and justice is done. Or vice versa, which let’s face it, is infinitely more likely.

So, there’s five of the new features that are promised to come with FM 19. Many more will be announced in the meantime between now and November, but in terms of current excitement levels you can colour us here at Football FanCast positively giddy. Happy managing, folks.

Football Manager 2019 will be fully released on November 2nd. Fans who pre-purchase the PC or Mac version of FM19 from a SEGA approved digital retailer (or pre-order from a participating physical retailer) will receive a 10% discount.

Furthermore, those who pre-purchase through a SEGA approved digital retailer will be able to kick-off their managerial careers early through a fully-playable Beta version, which will be available roughly two weeks prior to the official street date (single player careers started in the Beta will continue into the full game).