FPL: Old People XI is suffering massively – the search for GW8 reinforcements begins

It might be the international break but that doesn’t mean Fantasy Premier League players should be standing still until the build up to GW8. It offers the perfect opportunity for FPL managers to consider their next moves and tinker with their teams.

This season we’ve set up five just-for-fun teams to make our FPL seasons a little more interesting, and we want your help with the decisions we make.

One of our teams is the Old People XI, made up of players aged 30 and over in the Premier League. There are quite a few over 30s who are still doing a decent job in the top-flight, so we had high hopes for this team at the beginning of the season.

Unfortunately, though, it’s massively let us down so far. With an overall FPL points total of just 305, our Premier League oldies aren’t returning the points we think they really should be. GW7 saw a return of just 28 points and that’s simply not acceptable.

So we need you to help us make some changes ahead of GW8. The likes of Petr Cech, Jan Vertonghen, David Silva and Jamie Vardy should bring in some consistently high scores, but what about the rest of them?

We’ve got £1.4 in the bank and a wildcard still to use, so let us know your thoughts on our options before the GW8 deadline in the comments below…