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3 Football clubs that are most sponsored by casinos

Many of the top casinos and their partners are heavily involved in managing sports teams, especially when it comes to football clubs. For some of the fans in the sport, it gives the opportunity to bet on some big-time transfers that happen in the football world.

Some of the busiest times are during the summer transfers that happen in July and August,  gamblers will gain some insight from the analysis into how potential transfers could happen and also some recommendations for odds. This is a big driver for the continued partnerships between these operators and football clubs. What follows are some insights into the clubs that are heavily involved in Online Casino sponsorships.

Pros and Cons

Many critics have set out their concerns over the types of collaborations in the industry especially surrounding gambling addictions. In the past years even been some sanctions on UK clubs allowing players to wear shirts with known gambling companies. Yet the casinos have always been cautious around this by enforcing policies on responsible gambling and ensuring compliance.

Some of the pros for this include that government can tax these partnerships to improve the economy for the better. These types of partnerships can also greatly benefit the development of the teams as well as the social obligations that get carried out. Some of the cons include promoting gambling and the increased tendency of addiction.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid can rightly be seen as one of the best soccer clubs on the European continent. They have been the winner of the UEFA Champions League as well as La Liga, among many other international cups. The club is being backed by a Russian online casino operator, With promotions executed via social media and targeted incentives.

AC Milan

AC Milan is a seven-time winner of the Champions League with records in the local league as well. In the wake of the great success, they have been proposed by several internet gambling sites to feature as a headline sponsor.

The team has connections with HappyBet, FonBet, Betsson, and other bookmakers as well-known clubs. Each of these gaming businesses enjoys a strong reputation in a variety of fields.

Manchester City

As the current reigning champion of the English Premier League, Manchester City also welcomes sponsorships from top internet casinos. Man City is currently backed by one of the well-known sports bet operators and has enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership for the last two years. 8XBet Is currently the official partner of this winning Football Club,  this Asian bookmaker has a reputation for having anti-match-fixing systems in place with different organisations across the globe.

The future of this combination is still bright, even though the positive relationship between gambling sites and several EPL soccer teams was damaged by a ban. These clubs are not the only businesses supported by gaming firms.

Since more nations and jurisdictions are now authorising and regulating internet gambling, we anticipate that these types of relationships will become much more powerful in the years to come.

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Article title: 3 Football clubs that are most sponsored by casinos

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