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Watch: Chelsea Rejects are flying high on FPL

The reigning Premier League champions have been impressive so far this season, despite their shock opening day home defeat to Burnley.

Antonio Conte’s Chelsea are looking good but how much better would they be if they hadn’t have sold some of their previous star players?

At the beginning of the season we put together a Chelsea Rejects XI on Fantasy Premier League and put them in a mini-league alongside a Man United Reject XI, U23 XI, England XI and Old People XI.

And with the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah and Petr Cech, it’s no surprise they’re sitting pretty at the top of our mini-league.

With an overall FPL points total of 295, they’re not doing too badly but there must still be room for improvement.

The team has £2.9 in the bank and a wildcard still to play, so what do you think we can do to improve this Chelsea Reject team?

Have a watch of our Chelsea Reject FPL video below and let us know your thoughts ahead of GW7. We’ll pick one or two suggestions to go with and will feature them in next week’s show…